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Who does what when it comes to my insurance policy?

By November 14, 2022July 5th, 2023No Comments

It can be challenging to understand what responsibilities for your insurance coverage belong to Encharter and when the insurance company steps in. To start with, Encharter is an independent Insurance agency. We offer products from over 50 insurance companies. The more companies we represent, the more likely you will get the best pricing and coverage options. Every company factors into pricing two things: loss experience (claims history) and bundling your auto coverage with your home or renters policy. Our service team often asks many questions to find you all applicable discounts, but the biggest discount is usually bundling home/renters and auto policies with one insurance company. Our agents are deeply knowledgeable about each company’s offerings, and the breadth of insurance companies we offer sets us apart from most other independent agencies. If you have any questions, contact our office at 413.475.7283 or Complete our online quote form today!

Encharter quotes your coverage with multiple insurance companies, although the insurance company decides if they are willing to provide a quote and what price they will charge. They also reserve the right to inspect the property, and occasionally they find unacceptable conditions. When this happens, the insurance company will require you to make updates to your property, or they will cancel the policy.

Each insurance company sets its pricing. We review policies at renewal time, and if we see a premium increase of over 7%, we will shop it to other insurance carriers. There are times we can offer a lower quote with another company and save you money, but there are many times that the pricing you have with the current company ends up being the best choice. We are happy to offer options, but the decision to change insurance companies rests solely with you.

Servicing your policy is often a combination of the insurance company and Encharter. Both Encharter and your insurer easily handle changes like adding a new driver or vehicle and answering questions. We prioritize getting you to a service person as quickly as possible.

The insurance company is the best contact point when you have a claim. Your insurance contract (policy) requires all steps of the claims process to be handled by the insurance company. While we can take your initial information about a claim, we cannot affect how the insurance company adjudicates it. This is often confusing, but the insurance company contractually reserves the right to handle all aspects of a claim.

Encharter’s goal is to provide you with flawless service, and from the survey responses, it seems we are doing a great job of it. However, if you ever feel we have fallen short, please feel free to contact me directly. You can also reach us at (413) 475-7283 or online at .

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