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Reviewing Your Insurance for the Winter Months

By November 14, 2022July 20th, 2023No Comments

As the temperature drops and seasons change, we spend more time with family and friends, snuggled up at home drinking hot cocoa. We look forward to bundling up in sweaters, building snowmen, and taking a moment to appreciate the change in nature. While the aforementioned aspects of the winter probably bring a smile to your face, there’s another element that’s just as important as building family and community ties: protecting your property in case an unexpected storm or other disaster strikes. If you have any questions, contact our office at 413.475.7283 or Complete our online quote form today!

Winter is a crucial insurance season. Weather-related damage often occurs in the coldest months – you can thank those beautiful snow and ice storms, as well as less-than-pleasant hail. Insurance is one of those things that needs to be thought of ahead of time.

All too often, people are caught unprepared after damage occurs without the proper coverage. Review your insurance coverage for all your motorized vehicles when the winter months approach. If you do not, you may be left with unexpected and unforeseen expenses.

Take a close look at your vehicle insurance policy as winter approaches. Think about what new risks occur during the winter months and if changes in coverage are necessary.

  • Do you have a vehicle you do not drive in the winter months? It could save you hundreds of dollars to reduce coverage on a parked vehicle during wintertime. Lowering the coverage to comprehensive only will protect your vehicle against things that can happen to it while sitting, such as storm damage, fire, theft, and vandalism, without needing to pay for driving coverage while it’s in storage.
  • On the flip side, if you’ll be driving during the winter, consider increasing your coverage by adding comprehensive and/or collision coverage. Determine your risk level during each season. Summertime might bring less risk, so reducing coverage makes sense. In the winter, risk levels often rise. The snow is slippery, there is less daylight which means less visibility, and you might be traveling to visit relatives who live in unfamiliar places putting you more at risk. It might be time to add on more coverage. Comprehensive will protect you against storm damage and collision will protect you against physical damage after sliding on ice.

Consider roadside assistance if you do not already have it. Roadside assistance can be convenient in the winter months. Slide-offs can sometimes be unavoidable even in four-wheel-drive SUVs. Being stuck in the ditch is never good, and having roadside assistance can bring you extra peace of mind. You can avoid big tow bills by purchasing inexpensive roadside assistance coverage on your auto policy.

While it may seem tempting to only carry an insurance policy during warmer months, you’ll want to keep your vehicles insured all year round to protect from weather, accidents, and theft. Call Encharter Insurance at (413) 475-7283 or visit our website to keep your prized investments covered all year long.

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